Meal Prep


Two Ways to Order:
-Download our APP: Tome Express/ Apple or Android
Online: Meal Prep


Orders Due:
Every Thursday by Midnight

Pick Up:
Saturday (9-5pm) or Monday (9-6pm)

Discount/ PROMO Code:
– MealPrep10- you get 10% off if you purchase 10 meals or $100 in value.
– MealPrep20- you get 20% off if you purchase 20 meals or $200 in value.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve and we look forward to helping you achieve all of your health and fitness goals!!

How long do meals last?
– Meals are good under refrigeration (40 degrees or below) for 6 days. Please pay attention to date on the lid and freeze at the end of the day if not eaten. The meals will last for 6 months in the freezer.

Are these meals good for my specific diet/meal plan?
-These meals are customizable according to your eating habits. You can mix and match to accommodate exactly what you need?

Why are orders due on Thursday?
– We do not make your meals until they are ordered. This gives us time to calculate, prep, and cook your chef made meal just for you!